Journal of Studies in Dynamics and Change (JSDC) solicits scholarly contributions by researchers, students, teachers and practitioners in different fields of social sciences in the following categories. Please click on the link here to access editorial policy for journal sections. CLICK HERE


Articles and Research Papers (4000-9000 words)

Articles and research papers are typically full text papers describing a research question, methodology and presentations of findings of original research work in different fields of knowledge in social sciences including economics, sociology, anthropology, community health, journalism, gender studies, discrimination studies and policy studies. The papers should be within the word limit of 9000 words including the references and illustrations. The list of references should not exceed 50 in number and should be cited properly in the text. These papers are expected to present new ideas of dynamics in studies of social sciences.

For more details, please see the Author Guidelines for JSDC.


Brief Communications (1000-1500 words)

Brief communications are smaller contributions in the form of letters to the editor or in response to another published article on a very specific issue or about the findings of a specific research. These are typically within 1500 words describing a certain issue of interest. The contributions in Brief Communication Section may or may not include a list of references.

For more details, please see the Author Guidelines for JSDC.


Perspectives (1500-3000 words)

Perspectives are views and opinions expressed by authors on a special social or public policy. These contributions are typically of a length 1500-3000 words including the page of references.  These contributions should not use more than 5 illustrations including tables.

For more details, please see the Author Guidelines for JSDC. 


Reviews (1000-2500 words)

Reviews of Books, films, journals, websites, educational institutions and organisations including political organisations may be contributed in this section. The reviews are expected to generate informed interest about a product, service or institution associated with social change dynamics. Reviews may contain photographs, short interviews with the author or director of the entity under review, results of polls and other items that the author may feel necessary to generate informed interest about the entity under review. All reviews should be genuine.  Heavily promotional reviews about an entity will be immediately declined.

For more details, please see the Author Guidelines for JSDC.


News (Upto 2000 words)

News items related to policies and people are of interest for us. A news item may be presented in the form of a report of an event but the scope of such news is academic rather than journalistic. All news items should be submitted with at least one photograph related to the news. All photographs submitted should be free from any copyright infringement.  JSDC can publish 2-3 news reports based on the merits of those contributions and their time value.

For more details, please see the Author Guidelines for JSDC.


Case Stories (Upto 4000 words)

Some contributions can be submitted in the form of case stories. Case stories are stories about micro events or micro entities with a potential of expression of dynamics related to economy, society and polity. A case story should be a scholarly presentation with illustrations and non-verbal expressions. While it is possible to present a case story without a list of references, we strongly recommend inclusion of a list of sources of information and refer to these sources in the text even if these sources may not be scientific in nature.

For more details, please see the Author Guidelines for JSDC.


Announcements (100-500 words)

Announcements and notices may be published by an organisation for wider coverage among the readers of JSDC. An announcement should be less than 500 words in text and should be in the format of a notice or information rather than academic writing. One can use text boxes, tables and pictures in an announcement.


For more details, please see the Author Guidelines for JSDC.







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