Please read these author guidelines carefully and format your contributions accordingly before making final submissions.

All contributions should be made through the on-line submission form. Please keep your submissions ready in the following formats depending on the type of submissions.


1.   Articles and Research Papers (4000-9000 words)


A submission may have the following sequence of elements.


SECTION-I: Title Page

Title Page : A clear and precise title with at least 5-6 words and at best 30 words 

Author Name(s) and Institutional Affliation

Abstract: minimum 300 words

Key words (5-6): One of the key words must be from the title itself

Address of the Corresponding Author with Email Id

SECTION-2: Main Text of the Paper

Title: Repeat the title in a new sheet

Introduction (Overview with the problem statement)

Review of Literature

Materials and Methods

Results and Discussion

Concluding Notes

Acknowledgements (if any)


SECTION-3: Figures and Tables

List of Figures

List of Tables

Tables and Figures (if any) should be part of the main document, but located at the end of the document with references in the article text. No separate file for tables and figures is required.


 Title Page


Main Text: Start on a new page)



The style to be followed for preparation of the main document is APA.


Please go through the latest APA style manual for further comprehension.


List of references: Please submit a numbered list of references with a maximum of 50 references.



2.     Brief Communications (1000-1500 words)/ 3.  Perspectives (1500-3000 words)/ 3. Reviews (1000-2500 words) 4. Hypotheses (1000-3000 words), 5. News (Upto 2000 words)/ 6. Case Stories (Up to 4000 words) and 7. Announcements (100-500 words)


Authors may follow the same procedure as in point (1) above.  Please note that all the fields are mandatory for successful submission of articles. Upon successful submission, authors will receive a success message on the screen and will get an acknowledgement mail in their registered email id.


Turn Around Period:

We process all the submissions fairly speedily and shall take a decision on publication of a submission within a week’s time.  However, a paper selected for publication in the first screening shall go to two independent reviewers anonymously and once the reviewer reviews the contributions, the authors have to submit a revised draft at the earliest at least 15 days before the scheduled date of publication of the article.