Journal of Studies in Dynamics and Change

A Monthly Journal of Lokkatha Debate on Development

Journal of Studies in Dynamics and Change -JSDC is a multi-disciplinary platform for expression in various fields of social sciences. The journal seeks to publish original research work by scholars and other contributions in different areas of knowledge especially; economics, sociology, gender studies, politics, history. The scope of the journal is limited to discussions on systemic fluctuations, factors affecting such fluctuations and other issues. While contributions on theoretical and philosophical aspects of changes caused by such fluctuations and dynamic factors that bring change are strongly welcome, the journal is also interested in other forms of contribution in the following broad categories.

Articles and Research Papers (4000-9000 words)

Brief Communications (1000-1500 words)

Perspectives (1500-3000 words)

Reviews (1000-2500 words)

News (Upto 2000 words)

Case Stories (Upto 4000 words)

Announcements (100-500 words)

For more details on different categories of contributions, please visit Types of Scholarly Contributions to JSDC.

We welcome research scholars, activists, teachers, policy makers, other professionals in the field of social sciences to contribute their knowledge to the Journal of Studies in Dynamics and Change.

If you are looking for submitting manuscripts, please visit Author Guidelines page.

JSDC follows a double blind peer Review Process in order to bring out qualitative contributions to the theoretical aspects of knowledge on dynamics of social change. While all the contributions in their final form shall be published in English language, please do not hesitate to submit a paper even if you are not very confident about the linguistic presentations in your contributions.  The primary focus of the journal is the originality of the content you are submitting in a manner that is comprehensible to a wide section of readers. Therefore, the presentation of your ideas is what matters. Please use coloured charts, diagrams, tables, figures, photographs, equations etc to express your idea in better ways. Moreover, our rigorous review process will support your efforts.

We have a zero tolerance principle on plagiarised work. All the manuscripts submitted to JSDC will go through an automated plagiarism test before a decision is taken on whether to send the contribution for review.

We process all the submissions fairly quickly. The average time taken for a decision on whether a submission is accepted for publication is about two weeks. However, if you do not receive any reply from us on the decision regarding publication of your manuscript for four months, please consider the same as rejection of your paper. If accepted for publication, the authors need to work on the comments of the reviewer quickly to make the publication process smooth and meaningful. The total time taken for transition of a submission from manuscript phase till publication may range between 2-6 months. Submissions with topical and timely interest will be prioritised over others.

The International Team of Editors and Reviewers associated with the Journal of Studies in Dynamics and Change (JSDC) comprise of professionals across the world working as social scientists in various fields of knowledge, policy advocacy and activism.

Thank you very much for your interest in the journal. We look forward towards a productive intellectual association with you.

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