Stage-1: Depending on the broad focus of the manuscript submitted, each manuscript will be examined by one of the editors. This is the first stage of screening leading to a decision on whether the manuscript is suitable for reviewing in terms of its coherence with the scope of the journal. At this stage, it is also checked whether the submission is according to APA style. The authors shall be informed about the selection/rejection of the article/paper by e-mail only. The process will take around seven days and the author will be contacted before the manuscript is sent to the reviewers for submission of copyright certificate and other details.


Stage-2: Each manuscript will be forwarded to three referees for blind review. The research paper shall be published subject to recommendation of the reviewers. The reviewers may also suggest modifications/ amendments if required.  As a general principle, the reviewers will not ask the authors to change the arguments and theoretical underpinnings suggested by the authors. Nor will the reviewers ask the authors to change their view points. However, the reviewers may ask for more clarifications and inclusion of more explanation apart from suggestions on the format of the submissions. The review process may take up to two months (Maximum two months in extra ordinary circumstances).


Stage-3: The journal shall publish the article/papers of the authors completing the formalities in due time mentioned in the selection letter. The rejected papers shall not be returned.



JSDC reserves the right to make amendments in the final draft of the research paper to suit the requirements of the journal.